Together with confettibird & friends – as a tribute to you, we decided to create a little magical night and pop up festival this December

LOCATION : The fairytale home of  birdie Evy Kaaseth Røsten.


Our confettibird BFF, Miss Mathiesen popped up with her treasures. No pop-up without this jewelry queen.


Charlotte Qvale gave us goosbumps allover,  when playing her latest single:

OSLO ( gets cold this time of year ).



The golden mascot this Christmas. Made for you, inspired by confettibirds.


The lovely and brilliant Nils Norman showed us how to make beauty out of nature.



And of course, the complete confettibird collection was in the house.

Thank you everyone for falling in love with it, and for all your kind words.


Naturally, we ended the night with a breathtaking treetop moment…..

Mari Smistad performed our favorite Christmas carol, the snow came falling.

Coincident you think? Absolutely not.

Those who believe in magic will find it.


and thank you for this amazing year, we’re so lucky to have spent it with you.

Much love and let the new adventures begin!

: The confettibirds 😘