Traveling to India and experiencing the colors, people and its natural beauty was truly an awakening.

What a country, what a city! India, I fell in love with you instantly.

The word is : WOW and then some….


No matter where you turn, there’s a mixture of chaos and beauty.


Sunrise, always.

The magic hour in the morning, when the usually very busy New Dehli, is quiet.

Only the sound of  birds and the breeze.

…And no one better to start a morning with, than Per Åge Bergquist.
My great partner for the upcoming collection, who I was lucky to bring with me on this little work & adventure trip.
Per provides me with all his technical skills and genius ideas. Together we truly feel like dynamite! – Watch out world, the Summer collection is going to blow your mind! 😉


But first coffee.



And then we were ready set GO – treasure hunting in the old town of New Dehli.



Six floors with only sequins. HEAVEN!



………I never get tired of looking at colorful ribbons.



Incredible craftsmanship on every corner, in every street. So much to take in and process, and at the same time – remind yourself to  just enjoy and admire.



Suddenly, in the middle of it all, you experience these moments of peacefulness.



India can be chaotic, but somehow they manage to stay so calm and in the moment.

I just love that.


Hauz Kaas Village – high tea, and highly recommended!


Per, make your poshest pose! 😉


Coincidence? Don’t think so.

Thank you India, we`ll be back in a flying flash.