…Here`s a little inside on our speed date with Portugal with the chosen confettibirds of Summer 2019.

New collection, starring :  Lise Karlsnes, Cajsa Eriksson,  Hilde Wedø, Linn Hansen & Erica Mathiesen.

Photographer : Nikol HerecBonus Bird : Nina Elise Johansen

Adventure :

Faro – Lisbon

Within 4 magical days!

If we recommend it ?  absolutamente👌🏻🇵🇹


….and YES; we are confettibirds, and birds ride with style!

We teamed up with the amazing owners of  Siesta Campers  who let us borrow their AMAZING flagship camper van.

Let’s hit the road!

First hangout and photoshoot spot was on the beautiful São Rafael Beach.

Nikol & Lise in action just before one out of the many breathtaking sunrises to come!

Nina Bird, with a mini-bird on the way.

Thank you for joining the journey, and for sprinkling our days with your contagious smile. You are truly magic.


NEXT STOP : Casa Mãe, Lagos.


Bruncing at Orta restaurant.

As local as it gets, with vegetables produced in their gardens.

Lise & the lemon trees.

Surfer bird Hilde,

ready for a challenge. Next stop -beaches of  Sagres.

….but first, BREAKFAST at Laundry Lounge, Sagres

Wet & wild at Praia da Mareta ; Erica, Lise & Cajsa

Laundry break

Moving on….

Next stop

Driving the ocean road to the beautiful COMPORTA!


….When in Comporta – go airbnb!

We rented this funky house from the lovely host Sofia.

Check it out! 

Mimosa confettibird style : 90% prosecco + 10% freshly squeezed orange juice.

Another Comporta hangout spot

 Quinta Comporta

If you’ve not booked tour stay here, you have to stop by for a drink, lunch or dinner.

We fell in LOVE with this place , with its peaceful, luxurious and authentic charm.



Resturante Sal at Praia do Pego.

Earlybirds on a mission – always chasing sunrises.

Sal Comporta

10 out of 10 for the amazing location and atmosphere!






Birds of Summer,

with Love