Let me introduce you to an inspiring force of human beings.

7 entrepreneurs & great friends ✔️

1 week ✔️

Destination Marrakech ✔️

Pop-up ; Creative business unit ✔️

Different missions, but the same goals. We work to get inspired, but most of all, to inspire YOU.

Coming together is a beginning,

staying together is progress,

and working together is success.

We hope to excite  you to go and have your own amazing adventure with your chosen once, and to grow and blossom together through business, pleasure or both.

Also, we`d  like to sprinkle you with some good vibes, and reveal all our favorite tips and whereabouts in BEAUTIFUL Marrakech. #confettibirdstyle #vol1


Not only did we explore numerous of magical locations all around Marrakech, but we also checked into different Riads during our trip. We did this to get the ultimate experience, and to be inspired by all the different shades and vibes of Morocco.

Luckily, we are all suckers for the aesthetics and we see the beauty in so many different things, big and small. It is such a blessing to be on a journey like this with people who appreciate the charm and details as much as yourself.  We are all completely nuts and over the top enthusiastic, when it comes to just about EVERYTHING!

Riad Jardin Secret was the first place to take our breath away!

We stayed 2 nights here, surrounded by an authentic luxury that was just beyond anything we’ve ever seen before! Colorful, rustic and topped with a little jungle fairytale.★★★★★


Riad Jardin Secret

Everywhere you turn, it`s like you live inside the surface of your favorite painting. The small flower bouquet you receive when ordering a simple black coffee, the birds singing in the little jungle outside your window, and the breakfast, OMG the breakfast. Scroll up once more!

Yes, it`s real, although it looks like it´s been copy pasted from a moodboard on Pinterest.


Close your eyes, and just be.



Thank you

Riad Jardin Secret, for giving us moments we will cherish and remember for the rest of our lives.






Traveling the normal way #festligetingstyle

Next stop ——————————————-> Riad Tarabel 

Let`s get this party started!

New riad, new vibes.

When Morocco meets a bit of that real french charm, then  this magical getaway happens. Imagine to book this place for your next event? Anne and Milena already have the party-set-up all figured out!


We stayed 3 night in this lovely univers, which truly was a cure for our souls. If this doesn’t get your creative mind working, than what does? 😉

The warm welcome from Tarabel host Laurent, and his amazing staff was an experience in itself. They take such good care of you.

We could get used to breakfast on the rooftop, and the smell of  fresh mint leaves in the morning.


After a long day in the SOUK, and photoshoots in the desert, it felt like a piece of heaven to return to our temporary Marrakech home.







Tarabel style

Every night they lit candles all over the Riad, even outside your room. #thesmallthingswelove

Thank you

Riad Tarabel, for having us!

You’ve been a wonderful chapter in our Marrakech fairytale.



—————————–> VILLA JUNAH NEXT

We were so lucky to get access to this AMAZING villa before its grand opening in one month., and we just can’t wait to go back and live in this paradise, but until then…..







           Creative minds
                                           are rarely tidy.


We had only so much daylight to work with, and three different projects to complete.

But we found that we work so well together, and just before the sunset, we were all satisfied, and happy with our results.





Lunch at Berber Lodge, which is Villa Junah`s nearet neighbour.

We only had time for a snacks between takes, so we asked for some chips or something…

They told us they make everything from scratch, so of course they bring us freshly homemade potato chips.

Best thing we’ve ever tasted!


Check out the Berber Lodge, highly recommended 🖤 @berberlodge_

Thank you

Villa Junah and Soufiane Zarib for opening your dreamy hideaway in the middle of the desert,  only 20 minutes from Marrakech!

It will open in April 2020.

4 master bedrooms with their own bathrooms ✔️

Dining and chill out areas ✔️

A in-house kitchen and staff in the garden, who can prepare your meals and all that you wish for ✔️

All-Around rooftop with mind-blowing views, pool and garden ✔️


The place is built and will be styled by the owner himself, Soufinae Zarib, known for his unique and excellent tast in carpets, interior and fashion.

For property requests: DM @villajunah on instagram.

⬇️ Photos by Jannecke Sanne, Marrakech desert 2020.⬆️VILLA JUNAH, WE`LL BE BACK.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our little inspiration tour so far, and we promise, there’s more to come!


LOVE, C-bird

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