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Anneli Pants – Silver Sea

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About the bird

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Meet confettibird Anneli.
This is one controlled wild child!
The uniquely ambitious Anneli always manage to achieve her goals and dreams. Reaching for the top like a stubborn little firecracker – never doubting her path and truly determined, – this is the key to her success. A part from being an international model (as she of course has named herself and the rest of the confettibirds), Anneli is the hot shot lawyer in our squad. In her presence, you never know what’s going to hit you. Like Eminem, she will enter the stage and battle your clothes off – with her signature mixture of crazy comedy, tough love and a bottomless golden heart.

With Anneli, you never have to worry about reading between the lines, because she will always tell it straight to your face, loud and clear, and top it all off with her movie star – colgate smile.

My friend, you are absolutely stunningly beautiful and go figure, that’s the least interesting thing about you.
Just like Anneli, these pants will bring a soul train party into your life – Monday till Sunday – be prepared!

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