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Hilde Dress – Late Night White

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This piece is inspired by and dedicated to confettibird Hilde. She`s the most sparkling and down to earth diva you`ll ever meet. In her precense you will feel and experience that everything and anything is possible. This is truly her superpower! Hilde Dress is made from a 100% smooth and heavy viscose quality. It has an oversized and relaxed shape with an elastic band at waistline, medium short sleeves and V-neck at front and back. Hilde prefer not to tie the ribbons at waistline, to achieve the ultimate bohemian flow and effortless look. The dress has beautiful embroidery details that gives this showpiece a touch of both glam and vintage. 
Hilde Dress is elegant and comfy, and the confettibirds recommend this outfit for the weddings and Summer festivals this year!
Confettibird Hilde is wearing a size M/L and she is 1.76 cm
Wash 30 degrees
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About the bird

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Let’s conquer the world – with confettibird Hilde, anything is possible!
Effortlessly, she shines bright like a diamond every day, and golden confetti is her middle name. Hilde is a businesswoman out of a different universe, and her success is based on her extraordinary personality and the secret ingredient of pure hard work.This confettibird is completely fearless and puts her whole heart into everything she does.

Being in her presence is the definition of magic, as you’re a true star in the life to those around you.

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M/L, S/M