Johanna Dress – White Wash

1,300.00 kr

This piece is inspired by and dedicated to confettibird Johanna.
Johanna dress is made from a 100% soft and washed cotton quality. The style is oversized with a cute length and 3/4 sleeves. Embroidery details on lining and drawstring at neckline. V-neck can be adjusted by two hoops. Johanna Dress has a beautiful and flattering drape and flow, and is made to suit any body shape. It`s comfy, simple and playful. This dress is perfect for the hot Summer days at the beach, festivals or just any day you feel like it!
We guarantee
That you’ll choose this one when waking up in the morning.
Confettibird Johanna is 1.68 cm
Wash 30 degrees


About the bird

Meet confettibird Johanna.
She is a television and Radio host, author, personal trainer – and that’s just the appetizer! With Johanna, everything is an adventure and she can make any normal day into a glamorous Hollywood kinda moment. No one can create a sparkling and dramatic scene like you, and you’re probably the only one I know that can get away with it. It’s just a Johanna-thing.

You are truly a superstar and being your friend is like winning the Oscars on a daily basis.

My dear Johanna, just like the MTV unplugged, what I love the most is when we just hang out with no extra effects. The Johanna Dress is made for those moments.


M/L, S/M

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